A donkey involved in a serious road accident has bounced back against the odds, and is enjoying a new life thanks to Lucy’s Donkey Foundation.

In May 2019, charity workers were called out by police because a donkey had been involved in a road traffic accident in a nearby Arab village, Qalansuwa.

They found donkey Alan in a desperate state with serious injuries.

“The poor creature had clearly been hit and just left abandoned by the roadside, bleeding from his nose and with cuts and wounds on his body,” said charity founder Lucy Fensom. “We managed to gently encourage him up into the trailer to take him back to the sanctuary and as we started to drive, a few hundreds meters further along the road, we saw another poor donkey lying by the roadside.”

Lucy believes the two donkeys had perhaps once been together. Sadly this donkey was more severely injured with fractures and could not get up.

“All we could do for that dear soul was stroke him gently, give him water to drink and pick some grass that grew nearby to feed him, until our vet arrived to humanely euthanise him,” she said.

Once back at the sanctuary, Alan was given treatment for his wounds. The donkey also appeared suffer some neurological damage and was nervous of the other donkeys.

However, thanks to his ongoing care and support, he is now transformed and enjoying a sociable life with his equine companions.

“Alan is a changed character, he’s confident, strong and vibrant and loves nothing more than to take on some of our other boy donkeys, even the strongest and biggest, in a play fight,” said Lucy.

“He seems to have put his tragic past behind him and loves life and friends and shows true love and appreciation to us humans.”

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