The April issue of Your Horse is on sale today and it’s a bumper 18-page confidence special — plus Spring Feeding Guide!

Find out what’s inside…

Inside our Confidence Special…

  • Confidence from adversity: what you can learn from a setback in order to become a braver rider
  • Boiling point: Olympic team gold medallist Oliver Townend explains how to ride a very tense horse
  • Trot to it: European team gold medallist Piggy March explains why trotting to a fence is so beneficial for you and your horse (especially when it doesn’t feel comfortable)
  • Learn to be precise: event rider and trainer JP Sheffield shares his exercises to help boost your confidence when jumping related distances

Other features you’ll enjoy…

  • Emile Faurie: the dressage dynamo explains how to fix hollowing in transitions
  • Big interview: last year’s individual European bronze medallist Sarah Bullimore on the pocket rocket chestnut who ended her near-decade of disappointment as a team reserve (and who loves to turn on the stable lights at night time)
  • #Hack1000Miles: a solicitor explains exactly what the Highway Code changes mean for horse riders
  • Hack diary: Athene Turner is back in the saddle after having her baby girl
  • Side steps: Shaun Mandy shares a leg-yielding exercise to help you be more in-tune with your horse
  • Rhea Freeman’s social media column: when to voice your thoughts and when it’s best to keep quiet
  • Take 5 with Love Island star and equestrian model Jade Affleck

Inside Spring Feeding…

  • Sweet itch: easy ways to alleviate the irritation for your horse
  • Laminitis: dietary know-how to keep your horse or pony pain-free this season
  • Condition safely: how to boost it naturally
  • The power of garlic: the role it is thought to play in detering flies

Inside Your Horse’s Care…

  • How do horses see? Why their vision and the way they behave is closely linked
  • Vet notes: an in-depth look at the painful condition sesamoiditis
  • Feeding straw: could this be the key to managing a horse’s waistline? #FitNotFat
  • Turning out: the Five Freedoms you must provide for a happy horse
  • Forage analysis: what the process can tell you and why it’s so useful

Inside Your Horse’s Gear…

  • Big Test: we test run saddlecloths and saddle pads and rate them for value, comfort and performance
  • Buyer’s Guide to technical stirrups: how to choose the best pair for safety and a better position in the saddle
  • On Trend: air jackets for an additional layer of safety protection when you’re riding

Inside Ask The Experts…

We ask the best people in the business to answer your questions on:

  • Riding — improving balance, strengthening school work and dealing with muddy ground
  • Farriery — washing hooves, tackling thrush and winter hoof care
  • Back health — kissing spines, cold-backed horses and how to keep a horse’s back healthy
  • Saddle fitting — finding a saddle fitter, identifying a well-fitting saddle, bridle fit, spotting if there’s a problem with your saddle fit

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