• Train smarter by understanding how your horse learns
  • How technology can help you be a better rider
  • Out with box rest, in with exercise
  • Does your horse really need hard feed?

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Having seen first-hand the difference remedial farriery can make, our feature with master farrier Ben Benson is a truly fascinating read. With advances in products and technology, it’s amazing what farriers can do to keep our horses happy, comfortable and sound.

Carrying on with the innovation theme, the equestrian world really seems to be catching up and we’ve covered this in a number of articles in our gear section this month, such as our buyer’s guide to trailers, and the growing number of designs available for stirrups with your comfort and safety in mind.

To gauge your opinion, we asked you on our Facebook page which stirrups you use and why. There was a great response and some of you really have had your riding lives transformed by a particular pair. Find out more about the most popular choices inside this issue.

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· We talk to master saddler Suzie Fletcher from BBC One’s The Repair Shop.

· Understand your horse’s individual learning style to make training him much easier.

· We interview para rider Kyrby Brown

In Your Horse’s Training:

· Sharon Hunt helps a speedy Connemara to slow down on the flat and over fences.

· Exercises to help you hone the perfect contact.

· Three targeted exercises to aid your seat and pelvis.

· Tips, research and technology to make you a sensation in the saddle.

In Horse Care:

· How modern advances in farriery can help to keep your horse sound.

· Does your horse actually need hard feed?

· Vet notes – recognising and managing splints.

· A new way of dealing with tendon injuries.

· Understand how small stresses can stack up and cause a change in your horse’s behaviour.

In Gear:

· What’s new on the market.

· The big test – stirrups.

· On trend – summer riding gloves.

· Buyers guide to buying the perfect trailer to suit your needs.

· Electromagnetic therapy and how it may boost your horse’s wellbeing.


· Getting the work/home/horses balance right – the A&E doctor with a 22-year old young-at-heart equine.

· Ask the experts – we get your questions on crosss-country, saddle fitting, first aid and grooming answered.

· Teach your horse to hack out alone (and enjoy it)!

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