Five-star eventer Piggy March shared her tips on re-training an ex-racehorse in part one of Great British Racing’s series ‘Changing Tack’. She taught retired Grade One-winning jump jockey Lizzie Kelly in a lesson on the Grade One-winning racehorse Tea For Two.

“I always think of a racehorse a bit like a collie dog,” said Piggy. “They want to work, they’re incredibly intelligent, they enjoy life and are very able animals.

“They are bred to race, and love to race, it’s what they have always done and known. That’s not to say they won’t love doing something else.”

During the lesson, Piggy shared her knowledge of introducing racehorses to a different way of working and lifestyle with Lizzie, who raced Tea For Two during her career as a jockey.

Piggy encouraged the pair to focus on relaxation, and help Tea For Two to learn that he’s not going to race every time he gets off the lorry.

“Racehorses are smart and athletic animals, and they all have their quirks in some way or another, but it doesn’t stop them from wanting to be a performer or learn something different,” added Piggy.

“Tea For Two has a lot of potential, he moves very nicely and has a good attitude towards his new career and a different way of working. The important thing is to take time and have fun with the retraining.”

Lizzie and Tea For Two had a successful partnership when racing, which Lizzie hopes will carry over as they re-train together.

“He loves his show jumping and because of his boldness on the racecourse he’s a brilliant jumper and loves cross country,” said Lizzie. “I hope that in time, we will compete in Retraining of Racehorse classes and at local competitions. He is still young and after he retired in 2019, we gave him a nice long holiday, so this stage of his new career is still very new.”

Part two of Great British Racing’s Changing Tack, featuring Piggy giving Lizzie a jumping lesson, is available from 23rd December.

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