Without a secure jumping position, you can’t expect to ride a good round. Top show jumper Laura Renwick is here to help you get it right.

With jumping, like many things in life, success depends on getting the foundations right. With the basics in place, you can build up your skills with confidence and progression comes more easily.

Exercise one – Forward position in canter

This is a great exercise to help you relax in the leg and let everything soften, and it will also help relax your horse when you first start cantering. Let your horse canter at his own natural pace and, if he wants to go on a little or have a little buck or play that’s fine. Go into a slightly forward position and feel your knees resting softly against the saddle, with your knees and ankles absorbing the movement.

Your upper body needs to be forward just enough to balance with your horse while your lower leg remains underneath you, with your stirrup leather hanging straight.

Do this on both reins for five minutes, opening up on the long side – as your horse lengthens, you must adjust your balance.