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Secrets to success: how to set horsey goals and why every rider should this summer

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Whatever you enjoy doing with your horse, we all at times feel that we have plateaued or are stuck in a rut. We might know where we want to be, but not how to get there. Sound familiar? These tips from equestrian mindset coach Sophie Green will help you get back on track this summer.

Why set a goal?

Having goals is key to success. They make sure you recognise when you are achieving something significant, and also help you to maintain motivation when things get tough. We know that horses like to test us. Having setbacks is part of life, but having a well-set goal to aim for can ensure we stay on track.

Six ways to set successful goals

  1. Be specific
    Set detailed short, mid-term and long-term goals. This will help you be clear in what you want, but don’t be afraid that you might be shutting out opportunities because you’re focusing too closely on something specific.
  2. Have direction
    Make sure you are heading towards your goal rather than away from it. Having an end goal to reach will help you to take a direct approach, rather than zig-zagging.
  3. Stay positive 
    While thinking positively about a goal doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it, thinking negatively about it pretty much guarantees that you won’t. So try to stay optimistic, even if you suffer setbacks.
  4. Focus on YOU
    Make sure your goals are aligned to what you want to achieve, rather than becoming swept up in someone else’s dreams. Being honest with yourself about what you want to achieve will help you keep on track, and make your success even better.
  5. Don’t panic
    It can be difficult to set long- or short-term goals. Perhaps you find one easier than the other, or don’t know where to start at all. Take the time to think about what would be meaningful for you to achieve, however big or small, rather than just setting a goal for the sake of it.
  6. Chart your progress
    When you are focussed on the end goal, you can sometimes forget to appreciate the progress you have made on your way there. You should be proud of the achievements you make with your horse, so don’t forget to celebrate on the journey.

Read the full feature in the July issue of Your Horse.

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