Welcome to our latest audio download page. Here you can listen to or download this free audio guide, designed to support your training.

Stay safe If you choose to listen to this guide using earphones while working with your horse we recommend you use only one earpiece so that you’re still able to hear what’s going on around you. Always wear gloves and a hat and familiarise your horse with the lunge lines over their back and legs before you start. When long-lining, use your voice in a higher pitched upward command and always say “and” before a downward transition command, in a softer, deeper tone. This will help with his response to voice commands.

Give It a Go

Develop your horse’s core and observe how he moves from the ground with our expert long-lining workout

This workout is designed to improve your horse’s core strength, which will help improve his balance and overall ease of movement when you ride. We hope you find the workout useful.