Winter is fast approaching, so how should you look after your four-legged friend? We’ve gathered together some handy tips for cold month care

  1. Feed hay off the floor, which is more natural for horses.
  2. Feed little and often – continuous access to hay rather than at set times helps to mimic natural grazing.
  3. Make sure that you keep your horse’s legs clean and dry, especially if he’s prone to mud fever. If he lives out all winter, keep his feathers on to give him an extra degree of protection.
  4. Put rock salt in every stable and offer your horse toys to help keep him entertained. Try hanging teddies around his stable so he can pull the stuffing out of them – but ensure it’s not toxic.
  5. Keep a radio on to give him something to listen to – this can really help some horses to relax – but turn it off in the afternoon to encourage him to sleep.
  6. Always ensure that he has access to clean water and make his feeds sloppy so he gets extra fluids in this way too.
  7. Make sure that he has at least some turnout time so he can be encouraged to roll and de-stress.
  8. Keep his work varied and ensure that he gets rest days.
  9. Worm-count twice a year and worm accordingly. Between November and February target encysted larval stages of small redworm.

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