Do you have questions about equine osteopathy? Our expert Tom Beech, a Veterinary Surgeon and Equine Osteopath EDO, explains what you need to know about osteopathy for your horse.

A: Human osteopathy was created by Andrew Taylor Still in the 1890’s and has been steadily evolving ever since.

It’s a manual therapy that aims to improve the mobility and function of all parts of the body whether the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, joints or organs.

It had been known for a long time that all body systems are intrinsically linked and so they all must be functioning correctly.

A problem in one system can often cause problems in another. So the whole body must be evaluated and treated!

Equine osteopathy is the adaptation of the human osteopathic techniques to treat horses.

By further combining the in-depth veterinary surgeon’s knowledge of anatomy, neurology and physiology a more complete, rounded therapy is achievable compared to traditional veterinary or equine osteopathy used individually.