Are you going to take a horse out on loan? Follow insurance expert Charlotte Collyer’s advice for the insurance that you need.

Quite often the horse’s owner will assume the loaner has insurance, while the loaner assumes the owner had a policy in place, so this is something that can easily be overlooked.

There are a couple of options for horses on full loan. If the horse is already insured through his owner, they’ll simply need to let the insurer know about the loan arrangement you have so that they cover you as well as the owner.

The other option is to take out your own insurance to cover you and your loan horse.

Your chosen company will offer a number of benefits to choose from including veterinary cover, personal accident and third party, as well as options like saddlery and tack cover.

When you set up your policy, simply advise the insurer that the horse is on loan so that they have a note of this should there be a claim.

Finally, a rider plan is available for people who loan a horse a couple of times a week, but who don’t have full responsibility for the horse’s wellbeing.

This plan will cover you to ride any horse that you don’t own and offers a range of benefits starting from personal accident for yourself to custodial liability cover for the horse if it’s injured while in your care.