The days of bathing your horse with a bucket of cold water and a sponge could soon become a thing of the past thanks to the portable hot water system. The Hippo Shower is easy to use and is available in in a range of personalised colours, including pink.

The boiler only ignites when water passes through the unit, and when it does click into action there’s very little noise to startle your horse, plus there’s no pilot light sat there, waiting to be blown out by the wind.

The whole unit is very neat; it’s all mounted on a custom-made trolley with the gas bottle hidden, and safe. The Hippo Shower also uses a special hose that stores pressure helping to increase your water pressure to wash your horse more effectively.

So, essentially you can have hot water on tap available at your yard all-year round meaning no more cold baths, you never know your horse may even begin to enjoy bathtime!

Price £350 (Personalised colours are an extra £25)