Used by: Allison Lowther

Used for: 1 year

This clever gadget makes plaiting up so much easier. I’ve also found that I’m plaiting up much quicker since using this comb, just because I have everything to hand.

This comb does three jobs for you:

1. The comb can be used to get rid of any knots in the mane, but it’s also a measure for each plait, so you can section the mane easily to ensure each of your plaits is the same size.

2. There’s a clip, which keeps your horse’s mane out of the way while you’re busy plaiting.

3. Even your plaiting bands are to hand, thanks to the band holder incorporated into the handle of the comb.

This is such a useful tool. It’s lightweight and easy to use and for under £10 I highly recommend it.

Price £9.95*
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* price correct at time of publishing

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