Very ticklish horses can be difficult to brush, let alone clip. So, what can you do to help make the experience easier for your horse? Clipping expert Lisa Edmed explains:

Firm touch

The trap that many people fall into when clipping a sensitive horse is to hold the clippers too lightly, when, in fact, it’s better to hold them firmly and confidently.

Good starting point

With a ticklish horse, start in an area that isn’t sensitive, such as further back on his barrel or belly where there’s more fat coverage. Most people think that the shoulder is the best place to start, but there is very little fat there and running the clippers over skin and bone can be irritating for a ticklish horse. Get him relaxed first and then work on the more ticklish areas later.

Use smaller clippers

If your horse has a particularly sensitive part of the body, such as the girth area, use smaller trimmers that are powerful enough to do the same job but without the vibration of a big clipper. They are usually wireless too, which means that if your horse kicks out, you and the machine can move swiftly out of the way without getting caught in any wires.

Brush it off

If you’re clipping your horse for the first time, try giving him a brush first. This can give you a good indication of how and where he might be ticklish.

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