The team at online retailer Eqclusive has put together several sets of Haas brushes to suit different coat colours.

Your Horse Gear Guide editor Allison Lowther put the set for bay or chestnut horses to the test. Here’s her verdict:

The haas brushes

The brushes are well made and are all I need to keep my mare Wish’s coat clean and shiny.

Each of the brushes in the set has a specific job to do and every pack comes with advice on what order to use the brushes so you get the best results.

You use the Millitary brush for removing dirt, which it does easily, followed by the Cavalier brush to clean the top of the coat.

To complete the look and to really produce an amazing shine there’s the Coat Gloss brush and the super soft Diva Exclusive, which uses sheepskin to polish the coat.

I’ve been using these brushes for five months and Wish’s coat looks great and with minimum effort. I no longer need to use hard dandy brushes to get rid of mud, the Millitary brush does this for me. They even remove most stains from her white socks too.

They may be a little more expensive than other brushes, but my grooming kit only consists of these three brushes and a mane and tail comb, that’s all I need.

Price*: £82
* At time of publishing