Spring clean your horse with a simple four-step grooming routine.

1. Give a Mini Massage

Start with your rubber curry comb and use circular motions on your horse’s coat. This effectively gives your horse a mini massage, helping to tone up his muscles and increase blood flow – and he’ll love it! As you use the rubber curry comb to massage all over his body, you’ll start to remove the dead and loose hair, which is the first step towards a nice shine.

Using a rubber curry comb give your horse a massage

2. Get to work on grease

After the mini massage, grab your ‘flicky’ brush. These are slightly softer than the average dandy brush and are great for getting the grease out of your horse’s coat. Brush in the direction of the hair growth, all over his body, and flick your wrist out at the end of each stroke to flick dirt away from his coat.

3. Brush away dirt and hair

Next, using a body brush, gently brush your horse’s coat in the direction of growth over his entire body. Always be careful not to brush too hard around any sensitive areas, such as his eyes. A body brush is great for removing all the dirt and loose hair from the top of your horse’s coat, and creates the perfect starting point for hot clothing.

hot clothing can help to remove dirt and grime

4. Try hot clothing

Hot clothing helps to lift any of the dirt or grime that brushing alone has missed. For this use an old towel soaked in water that’s as hot as you can touch with your own hand. For added shine when the coat dries, try adding a dash of baby oil to your bucket of hot water. Rub the towel all over your horse’s body to lift any lingering grease or dirt and leave the coat spotless.