If you have a nervous horse, it can be tempting to put off clipping him in case he panics. Here, we seek advice from groom Daniel Tarpey, who offers his tips on how to calmly clip your horse.

First of all, make sure your horse is in an area where he feels settled before you turn the clippers on. It’s a good idea to have a hay net there to keep him happy, and, if you can, have someone else with you, just in case you have any problems – accidents can happen.

Try this

  • Start by running the clippers all over his body before turning them on. This gets him used to how they feel.
  • Once he seems happy with this, turn them on and allow him to get used to the noise.
  • When he’s settled, start clipping areas that aren’t so sensitive (like his shoulders). This allows you to gauge his behaviour.

Remember to take it slowly and have lots of breaks – this will also stop the clippers from getting too warm on his skin. Be sure sure give him lots of praise and reassure him throughout and he’ll soon get used to having a trim up!