If you’re forking out a fair bit for various tubs of supplement each month you know that despite the price, it’s worth it if your horse is benefiting from them.

All-in-one supplements are a great alternative, but do they really do the job? We spoke to nutritionist Emily Smith, a specialist in animal nutrition since 2005 and Head of Feedmark’s team of nutritional advisors to find out more.

With a large variety of supplement options available on the market, it’s difficult to know exactly what your horse needs and at what rate to feed at to ensure your horse receives the necessary nutrients required each day.

What’s more, if you are feeding several different supplements, it is easy to end up feeding an excess of certain vitamins or minerals or other ingredients due to an overlap across different products you are feeding.

Using an all-in-one supplement can resolve these issues and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many horse owners due to the multiple benefits it provides.

5 reasons an all-in-one supplement might work for you

1. You avoid over-feeding duplicated ingredients

All-in-one supplements are formulated to include the correct rate of active ingredients to be utilised effectively by your horse so you can be confident they are receiving the levels they require. It also helps avoid the issue of over-lapping and therefore over-feeding, which can be duplicated if using multiple supplements.

Feedmark have designed Formulate! an all-in-one supplement, which is optimised precisely to the horse’s exact needs. It uses; age, height, bodyweight, body condition and workload, to ensure your horse is receiving the optimum rate of nutrients and ingredients it needs.

2. You save time preparing feeds

By feeding an all-in-one supplement, preparing feeds becomes quick and easy as you can avoid the hassle of adding multiple scoops from several different tubs. This is replaced with one supplement with clear feeding instructions.

3. Easy instructions for anyone else feeding your horse

Using one supplement means that leaving a groom, family or friend in charge of feeding becomes simple as everything your horse needs is in one product, making the process stress free when you are not around.

With Formulate! you can include a picture of your horse on the bag, making it simple for anyone to identify in the feed room.

4. Reduce space taken up in the feed room by multiple supplement tubs

You can have a spring clean in your feed room as you would no longer need shelves piled high with different supplement tubs!

5. One less thing to think about

With feeding multiple supplements, you risk them running out at different times, which makes re-ordering a nightmare. Ordering just one product reduces this burden significantly and can also save you money.

As ever, always have a word with your nutritionist before you start switching or omitting supplements from your horse’s diet! 

For more info on all-in-one and general supplements visit www.feedmark.com

New research from Feedmark, leading producers of high quality, science-based equine supplements, shows that 37% of horse-owners don’t think or are unsure that their horse is receiving correct nutrition in year-round feed and forage to maintain a healthy condition.

Horse-owners worry most about the joints of their horse (60%), followed by gastric health (35%) and hoof condition (32%) with one in five (21%) concerned about their horse’s stress levels. Being overweight is another leading concern with over a quarter (28%) of owners being worried about their horse’s weight.