Adding a balancer to your horse’s diet will ensure he’s getting all his daily vitamins and minerals

A balancer is a nutrient dense feed that provides your horse with all the vitamins, minerals and quality protein he needs on a daily basis.

They also contain a low level of calories making them ideal if your horse is a good-doer. They’re usually small pellets, which makes them easy to feed and you don’t need to feed a huge amount. The usual amount fed is 100g per 100kg bodyweight, so an average 500kg horse will need just 500g of balancer a day.

You’ll pay a little more for a bag of balancer compared to a bag of nuts or mix, but it will last you longer and cost you less on a daily basis.

There’s also a growing number of targeted balancers that contain additional ingredients to help with specific issues such as glucosamine for joint support or biotin for healthy hooves.

When to feed a balancer?

If you’re feeding the recommended amount of a mix or cube compound feed your horse will be receiving all the vitamins and minerals he needs to maintain a balanced diet. If you’re not feeding at the specified level detailed on the feed bag you’ll need to balance your horse’s diet and this is where feeding a balancer is ideal.

Balancers are usually small pellets

If your horse maintains his weight on a diet of just forage, or he’s in hard work, but maintains his weight on a low energy feed which are designed to support him when he’s in light work, feeding a balancer should be considered. Also, if you feed straights or feeds that don’t contain additional vitamins and mineral adding a balancer will ensure his diet is balanced.