This haynet is quite unique compared to others available, get your hands on a Trickle Net and you’ll immediately notice it’s built to last. It’s heavier than other haynets and the netting is much thicker. Each net is handmade in the UK from 4mm rot-proof, braids, black polythene with an added core to make it super strong.

Following in-house research, the team behind the Trickle Net discovered that when the holes in the haynet are 25mm it slows down how quickly your horse can eat his hay, but without causing frustration. This means that his hay will last him longer and ensures he has a constant fibre supply, as well as preventing boredom if your horse is in his stable.

The design of this net also means there’s less waste. this is because your horse can only pull out small amounts of hay at a time, so less hay ends up on the floor and trampled into his bed.

The Trickle Net is a great way to provide your horse with ad-lib forage or restrict his intake if you’re keeping his weight in

Click on our video below to take a closer look at the Trickle Net