Well-known feed brand Spillers have produced a range of balancers with self-explanatory names to help take the confusion out of deciding which one is the best for your horse.

The range includes Lite + Lean Balancer, Multi Balancer, Pro Performance Balancer, Supple + Senior Balancer and Gro N’ Win Stud Balancer.

Each product simply does what it says on the bag, while all the balancers are whole cereal free, with a low starch and sugar content. Every bag contains chelated minerals and 15mg of biotin per 500g serving to support your horse’s hoof. They also contain everything your horse needs to complement a forage-based diet, so there’s no need to feed any additional supplements.

The newest member of the range is Daily Balancer, which contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your horse needs on a daily basis, and it’s been specially designed to balance the nutrients typically low in hay, haulage or grass.

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