Orego-Stim Equine is available in 1-litre dosing bottles Easy addition to feed, from 10ml-30ml per day

Orego-Stim Equine, is Anpario’s own 100% natural oregano essential oil. A unique production process protects its active properties to ensure a high quality, sustainable product every time.

Containing no synthetic, chemical or prohibited substances, here are some of the reasons why your horse will benefit from Orego-Stim:

  1. Aids digestive health
  2. Maintains healthy appetite
  3. Rich in antioxidants
  4. A natural calmer, helping focus and concentration

Orego-Stim is herby and palatable, which has been shown to encourage feed and forage intake. It can also help older horses or fussy eaters to support daily intakes.

As horse owners know, digestive issues can create an irritable horse and this, in turn, can affect temperament and concentration.

Anpario’s customers have revealed that, when Orego-Stim is used continuously, their horses have appeared more focused while being worked and under saddle, plus they have shown a more relaxed demeanour during activities such as travelling, when competing and hacking.

This image isn’t just any oregano, it shows our own unique oregano stem, picked fresh from our own oregano field!

Oregano essential oil — nature’s answer

So what is special about oregano essential oil (OEO)? It contains a wide range of naturally occurring antioxidant and antibacterial properties, including carvacrol and thymol that are widely documented to provide an array of benefits when consumed.

Encouraging feed and forage intake is important for maintaining gut motility and ensuring a healthy gut microbiota.

OEO antibacterial properties beneficially shift the microbial population, especially Lactobacillus, helping to boost good bacterial populations within the gut, support firmer droppings and nutrient absorption, and maintain good digestive health.

Antioxidants are also beneficial in helping the body to neutralise free radicals that interfere with a healthy immune system and may affect respiratory function.

About Anpario

Anpario, a leading global supplier of environmentally sustainable feed additives, has been offering nutritional advice for more than 30 years.

All of its products are developed, manufactured and dispatched directly from its Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) and Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS)-certified plant in the UK.

Anpario’s team works with horse owners, vets, nutritionists and industry professionals to develop products to support optimal digestive health, condition, wellbeing and performance, bringing science and nature directly to you, the horse owner.