A new addition to Allen & Page’s hugely popular Barley & Molasses Free Range, is Veteran Light. This feed has been specifically formulated for older horses and ponies that are good doers. It provides all the nutritional requirements an older horse needs for optimum health (when fed at recommended levels) and has a low calorie/energy level making it ideal for those maintain their weight a little too well!

The high in fibre and low in both starch and sugar (less than 10% combined starch/sugar) formulation make it suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. It contains only the finest Non-GM, Vegetarian Society Approved ingredients, plus prebiotics and probiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive system and linseed as a source of Omega 3. It also contains a carefully selected blend of herbs with added vitamin C and a high level of vitamin E.

This highly palatable feed will tempt even the fussiest feeders and is perfectly suited to those at rest or in light work. If your horse struggles to chew, soak Veteran Light in water for 30 to 60 seconds to produce an easy to eat mash.

The whole barley and molasses free range is BETA NOPS approved. This scheme is designed to reduce the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances in equine feed.
Allen & Page has produced a free factsheet on feeding veterans.

Download your copy at www.veteranhorsefeeds.co.uk
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