When your horse isn’t himself, it can be tempting to turn to all sorts of lotions and potions to get him right again.

While there’s no doubt that modern medicine offers relief and healing for many conditions, alternative therapies are becoming an increasingly popular option for both humans and animals.

They say that using reiki alongside veterinary treatment is also a great way to help recovery.

While you need to be taught by a reiki master to be able to practice reiki, it’s possible to learn how to develop a healing connection with your horse.

Follow Niki’s steps to strengthen your bond:

Step 1

Stand beside your horse’s shoulder in a quiet, safe place, with your palms facing outwards and legs slightly apart.

Breathe deeply to help yourself feel calm and watch the rise and fall of your horse’s body, allowing your breathing to become synchronised.

Step 2

Gently place one hand under your horse’s jaw, allowing him to connect to you by sniffing. Your palm should be fully open. With your other hand, stroke his chest and shoulder.

Step 3

Move both hands together at his shoulder. Maintain contact with him and enjoy this intimate connection.

If you wish, you can place your hand over your heart too.

Bring your mind to the centre of your forehead, and focus (this is your ‘third eye’). You may notice your horse relaxing or twitching and your hands may feel cold, hot or damp.

Step 4

After a few minutes, move one of your hands about two inches above your horse so that you’re not touching his skin and move from head to tail.

Take three breaths and place your hands together on your chest, as if in a prayer position.