Unsure about the kind of lock you need on your tack room? We asked Oonagh Meyer, Head of Approvals, at the British Horse Society to give us some info on what works best.

How can I keep my tack room safe?

The ideal tack room is either brick or concrete with solid doors, made of or covered with steel panels, that are fixed firmly into a strong door frame.

Hinges and other fixings shouldn’t be accessible from the outside.
Windows or sky lights should be small and fitted with substantial metal bars or a grille to prevent access if the glass is broken.

Many types of lock are available and, as with house insurance, insurance companies will often advise upon the BS (British Standard) standards and the type of lock – such as mortice or close shackle variety padlocks – to ensure their policy stipulations are met.

For feed rooms, unless there’s risk of theft, the main consideration is to make sure that the door can close and has a standard bolt to help minimise the risk of a loose horse getting access to feedstuff – especially in situations where unprepared feeds, such as unsoaked sugarbeet, are accessible.

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