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Fun rides are a great way that many riders enjoy spending time in the saddle, and they are particularly popular amongst our #Hack1000Miles challengers. But just because they’re already great fun, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways that they could be better. We asked the riders in the Hack 1,000 Miles Facebook group for their thoughts on how to make fun rides even more fun, and here are a few of their suggestions…

1. Enjoy a sweet treat

Could the secret to the best fun ride be an ice cream van stocked up with 99 flakes and carrots?

“Definitely an ice cream, a pint and a carrot for the ponies half way round,” said KT English-Bailie.

2. Quench your thirst

While you could carry your own bottle of water around with you, it would be much more enjoyable to be able to pull over for a freshly served lemonade, hot chocolate… or maybe something a little stronger?

“Either cold or hot drinks halfway around depending on the weather,” suggested Paula Wroath.

“We had a Pimms stop on our pleasure ride a couple of weeks ago, provided by the organisers. It was lush,” shared Jackie Harding.

3. Fuel up the right way

Whilst there’s plenty to enjoy about a burger or bacon butty at the end of a long ride, a few more food options could only be a positive addition.

“I’d like some healthy food at the event. Our local fun rides offer food as part of your entry but it’s all burgers, chips and bacon butties,” suggested Charlotte Cooper.

4. Brakes for hire

Open spaces can get even the steadiest hack a little excitable, especially if your fun ride has access to a gallop or long canter track. Hitting top speeds can be a blast, but not everyone wants to whizz off at a breakneck pace or leave their friends in the dust.

“Extra wide, steady horses stationed on gallop tracks that I can wedge my pony behind so we don’t end up in a different county!” joked Becky Clare.

5. No more wild wees

Nature is likely to call if you’re in the saddle for the best part of the day, and not many relish having to make use of the facilities when the facilities in question are a few bushes.

“My only suggestion for improvement after plenty of food is more portaloos!” said Rosie Martin.

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