The Hack 1000 Miles family have had a lovely surprise arrival with the birth of healthy colt ‘Angel’s Warrior’. Viv Guy bought his mother, Angel, in July 2019 and had no idea the mare was pregnant.

Angel shares her field with Viv’s Hebridean and Cameroon sheep. The mare had struggled earlier in the year with a foot abscess and was transitioning to barefoot when Viv realised she’d inadvertently purchased a buy one get one free!

“We were six months into our Hack 1000 Miles challenge when I discovered she was in foal,” says Viv. “We’d done 450 miles since starting on 1 November, which was amazing as when I first got Angel we only did nervous 10 minute rides around the block – we went from that to six, seven eight mile hacks all on our own.

“Angel also had a month off in February due to a hoof abscess and thorough lockdown I mainly walked with her, so I was really pleased with our progress,” adds Viv.

“It was a huge surprise when I found out she was expecting, and I immediately put her on maternity leave and prepared for the imminent arrival.

“Clearly she wasn’t quite as angelic as expected – I have no idea who the father is either!” laughs Viv.

“Yesterday morning at nine o’clock I watched her have her foal out in the paddock. It only took 10 minutes, so I think she’s done it before! I still have no idea who dad is but this little colt is stunning. He is called ‘Angels Warrior ‘.”

Huge congratulations to Viv and new mum Angel, and a big welcome to our youngest Hack 1000 Miles addition!

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