#Hack1000Miles, in partnership with Equisafety

One thousand miles is a long way and it can be daunting to get started. There will always be excuses not to tack up your horse and go for a ride (hello, British weather) but putting in the work now will bring rewards later. Whether the dream is to cross the finish line or just enjoy the journey along the way and see how far you can go, you have to mount up and get going.

1 Break down your goal

Getting started is the hardest part. You can’t ride 1,000 miles in a day, so little and often is the way to success.

By breaking down the total, you’ll be more motivated to carry on once you hit each mini-target. No matter how small your targets are, celebrate each one you achieve.

Think about everything else you’d like to achieve along the way. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try a fun ride, canter along the beach or hack out solo. Adding these in makes it even more fun.

2 Make a plan

Once you’ve decided on how to break down the miles, put a plan into place on how you’ll achieve each target. Whether it’s short hacks every day or a few longer ones with the odd fun ride thrown in, having a plan of action to stick to can keep you on track.

3 Inspiring motivation

On the days when dreaming of hitting your targets isn’t quite enough to get you in the saddle, there are other ways to find your ‘oomph’ to ride.

Start by surrounding yourself with other people who are training for or achieving their goals — motivation can be infectious, so it may just rub off. The Hack 1,000 Miles Facebook group is a supportive community where riders share the trials and tribulations not just of the challenge, but of owning horses too.

4 Find accountability

If you’re stuck in a rut, then finding a way to hold yourself accountable can help. Making plans to hack out with a friend means you can add up some miles as well as enjoy a chat.

If you’re tired of riding the same routes on every hack, then try something different. Booking a session with a local coach can help get you back on track. It doesn’t have to be dressage or jumping — there are trainers and clinics available now for almost everything.

Variety is great not only for your horse but also for you, and trying new things can prevent you from becoming bored with your routine.

This content is brought to you in partnership with Equisafety, the performance equine reflective clothing brand and proud supporter of #Hack1000Miles 

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