Miki Waddington and the cobweb gate

Halloween may have been and gone, but our #Hack1000Miles riders took the most of the opportunity to go out and tally up the miles, dress up and spook-proof their horses…

Our challengers ride out at all times of the year — and they don’t let some spooky decorations stop them.

“Just some giant spiders!” said Miki Waddington, after facing down this gate covered in cobwebs (pictured right).

Matt Turner and his cob Thor thoroughly enjoyed taking in the Halloween festivities.

“We saw so much — ghosts, skeletons and witches. He wasn’t phased at all,” said Matt, who has been helping Thor overcome confidence issues while hacking out alone.

“Hacking out on Halloween is one way to make sure your horse is spook-free,” he added.

Jacqui Trim-Tupper’s horse Jenga faced some ghosts

Jacqui Trim-Tupper’s mare handled herself well when she came across a haunted forest (pictured below right).

“The decorations appeared this week on our regular hacking route.

“Jenga stopped and had a look, but wasn’t frightened,” said Jacqui of her four year-old Arab.

Fancy dress

Jane Taylor has also been out and about in fancy dress (main image, above).

“We managed to add a couple of miles with our afternoon hack around the village,” said Jane.

“We did the Halloween scarecrow trail and hopefully raised a few smiles along the way.”

Kate Duffield also decided to get into the Halloween spirit, wearing an orange pumpkin hat silk while out hacking her horse Indy (pictured below right).

Kate Duffield’s pumpkin hat

Bethany Frear got into the spooky spirit too, by dressing her Icelandic horse Stjarni in a miniature witch hat.

Roisin Kelly went all out for her Halloween-themed ride with both the rider and her mare kitted out in spooky costumes (pictured bottom right).

“Olga and I dressed up,” said Roisin of their rather spooky hack.

“There were terrifying noises, cows appearing behind gates and hay bale nets flapping in the wind.

“Olga was very brave!”

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Roisin Kelly’s horse Olga all dressed up