The November issue of Your Horse magazine is on sale now

What’s inside…

  • Olympic team gold medallist Tom McEwan chats about his calm exterior, dealing with nerves and being a stickler for routine
  • Crowing champions: celebrate some of the winners at this year’s Sunshine Tour
  • Discover which surprising colour prompts the quickest reaction from drivers
  • Hack diary: Natalie Clark shares some recent riders that put her stickability to the test
  • Work/Horse Balance: the production chemist and gymnast who also events
  • Take Five with BBC presenter Janine Jansen

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Jonty Evans shows you how to create an adjustable jumping gear
  • How to tackle oxers to uprights with ease
  • Expert advice for building a bond for life with your horse
  • Learn how to sharpen your horse’s gear changes to improve his way of going on the flat
  • International showjumper Bex Mason shares her five exercises to help you nail a confident clear round every time

In Your Horse’s Care:

  • Discover the noises your horse’s body make and what they tell you about his health
  • Vet Notes: all you need to know about Connemara hoof wall separation disease
  • Nutritionist Charlotte Wilkinson explains where it’s easy to go wrong when aiming to combat equine obesity
  • Learn how using artificial light can help your horse through the winter months
  • We share our top tips to help you prepare for winter

In Your Horse’s Gear:

  • A round-up of the latest new gear available
  • Buyer’s Guide: refresh your riding wardrobe with new autumn clothing
  • On Trend: wellington boots to keep your feet warm and dry
  • Big Test: we reveal which clippers produce the best result in our test

In Ask The Experts:

  • Trimming whiskers: why horses have whiskers; competition rules; should whiskers be trimmed?
  • Flatwork training: improving stiffness down one rein; exercises for suppleness; groundwork exercises before riding
  • Vet care: treating locking stifles; patella problems
  • Behaviour: bridling a headshy horse; picking up feet; handling a horse that barges
  • Advice from Spillers: let your horse eel the benefits of Supple + Senior Balancer

Where to buy it…