Need some new transport for your horse? Looking for some advice on buying a secondhand trailer? We can help!

If a new trailer isn’t an option, buying secondhand can prove more affordable.

There are plenty of used trailers for sale and you’re sure to find something for your budget, but before you part with your cash, whether you’re buying privately or through a dealer, when you go to view any potential purchase, run through our handy checklist:

Hitch up and check all the lights work

What to look for in a secondhand horse trailer

  1. First impressions count – does it look clean, tidy and does it fit the description in the ad?
  2. All new trailers are security marked and given a unique serial number (usually on the manufacturer’s plate), so check this is genuine.
  3. Look for signs of leaking in the roof and check that any ventilation grills or windows are easy to use.
  4. Lift any floor matting to check for rot or cracks, and bear in mind aluminium flooring is stronger and lasts longer than wood.
  5. Lift any matting on the ramp and check for rot and damage, paying attention to the hinges for signs of wear and tear, too. Ensure it’s easy to lift.
  6. Raise and lower the trailer using the jockey wheel, and check that both the electric connection and the trailer’s breakaway cable are in good condition.
  7. Test the handbrake and, ideally, ask the seller to hitch the trailer up for a test tow.
  8. Once you’re hitched up, check all the lights work, including the indicators, brakes and internal lights.
  9. All tyres, including the spare, need to have a good amount of tread (a minimum of 1.6mm – though more than 3mm is ideal). Any uneven wear could signal suspension problems with the trailer.
  10. On purchase Ask for a signed receipt that includes the seller’s address.