Your pair of stirrups don’t just help you feel secure in the saddle, many modern and high-tech stirrups will help improve your leg position in the saddle. Some even support and ease joint pain too. Here’s four pairs to consider if you’re planning on buying new ones.

Stubben STEELtec Maxi stirrups

These smart and lightweight stirrups are made from aluminium alloy. They have a high arch for safety and large, slightly inclined pyramid tread for a secure grip and comfortable position.

Price £164.50*

Flex-On Balance stirrups

Ultra lightweight and strong, these moder looking stirrups have an offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot, as well as a carefully designed, inclined footbed to help you maintain a correct leg position with minimum effort. They also have elastomer shock absorbers for comfort, and small studs in the tread grip to hold your boot securely in the stirrup.

Price £145*

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Tekna Flex-Tek stirrups

These sleek looking stirrups come with the option of two different foot treads (rubber or metal) which allows you to select which one is most comfortable for you while you’re riding. they’re lightweight and flexible to help ease aching joints and generally keep you comfortable whether your out for a long hack or schooling at home.

Price £44.99*

Prenger bow Balance stirrups

A popular choice to help you maintain a secure position in the saddle, these stirrups feature Sprenger’s System 4 technology. They cleverly stretch four ways to help reduce pressure on your knees and ankles. The bow shape also makes them easy to find – a simple touch of your foot on the stirrups and it turns onto your foot. They also have a wide rubber tread for security.

Price £172*

* Prices correct at time of publishing