You’ll want to keep your horse’s legs well protected when he’s travelling, and a good set of travel boots can help you do just that.

But which ones are best for the job? Our testers have been putting six sets of travel boots through their paces and each set of boots is marked out of five for fit, performance and value for money to give an overall rating out of 15.

Our winner is…

LeMieux Carbon Travel Boots


RRP £79.96. Buy at

Colours: black, navy

Sizes: medium, large

Fit: A great fitting set of boots that are a good shape and stay securely in place thanks to the three wide straps. The sizing is good — they fit both of my horses, who are quite different. 5 stars

Performance: These boots cover the legs really well and the padding adds another layer of protection. The lining is a little different to others I tested — it’s a wicking material that helps to keep your horse at a comfortable temperature. The tough outer material is certainly robust despite a lot of use. 5 stars

Value for money: Very good value boots that work really well. 4.5 stars

Total score: 14.5

Other products in test…

Mark Todd Travel Boots


RRP: £69.98. Buy at

Colours: black, burgundy, navy, navy plaid

Sizes: pony, cob, full

Fit: This set of boots fits really nicely. They are long enough to cover the coronet band and the hock and knee. The three big hook and loop straps make using these boots quick and easy — especially useful if your horse gets excited and fidgety when he knows he’s going out. They stay in place without you having to over-tighten them. 5 stars

Performance: The cut of these boots means they offer a good level of protection to the vulnerable areas of the legs. The tough outer fabric is standing up well to regular use and the scuff plates at the bottom offer further protection. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Very good value and highly recommended. 4.5 stars

Total score: 14

HY Signature Travel Boots


RRP: £44.99. For stockists:

Colour: navy

Sizes: pony, cob, full

Fit: These fit well — they are not quite as well shaped as some of the other travel boots tested, but they stay securely in place and cover the areas you want protecting. 4.5 stars

Performance: The material is tough, and they hold their shape nicely. There’s also a good level of padding that offers good protection to the legs. They are long enough to cover all those vulnerable parts of the leg. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Very good price for a practical set of boots. 4.5 stars

Total score: 13.5

Woof Wear Travel Boots


RRP: £66. Buy at

Colour: black/ silver

Sizes: pony, cob, full size, heavy hunter

Fit: The material is quite stiff which initially made fitting these boot fiddly — this has improved the more the boots have been used. The shape is good and the hind boots fit perfectly, but the fronts are generous in size for my horse. 4 stars

Performance: These boots offer good coverage and stay in place even on a horse that doesn’t travel that well and is a little fidgety. The material is robust and the scuff plates only have a few marks on them. 4.5 stars

Value for money: A practical set of boots that are proving to be good value for money. 4.5 stars

Total score: 13

Rambo Travel Boots


RRP: £99.95. For stockists:

Colours: black/ silver, navy/ cream, black/ diamante

Sizes: pony, cob, horse

Fit: These boots are smart and fit well. They are a little more generous in size than others I’ve used but they are well shaped and cover the lower leg well. The straps are secure and quick to fasten. 4.5 stars

Performance: Being more generous in size means that they wrap around the leg more to offer
very good protection. They are also long enough to cover the hock and knee. The material is a little stiff but is tough and durable. 4.5 stars

Value for money: These boots do a very good job, but they are expensive compared to others tested. 4 stars

Total score: 13

Weatherbeeta Wide Tab Long Travel Boots


RRP: from £49.99. For stockists:

Colours: black/ silver, navy/ silver, navy/ red/ white

Sizes: pony, cob, full

Fit: A well-shaped set of boots that I didn’t find generous in size. The wide hook and loop straps makes putting them on and off easy. My horse does have quite a bit of bone and the length is good, it’s the width that isn’t so generous. 4 stars 

Performance: They have stayed securely in place and the outer fabric feels really tough and is showing no signs of wear. The boots cover all the vulnerable areas you want protecting well, and the soft fleece lining ensures that there is no rubbing. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Good value, but check the sizing before buying. 4.5 stars

Total score: 13

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