Competition season is upon us and you’ll want to have your horse looking their best. To help you produce perfect plaits every time out, we’ve rounded up this selection of practical products which may be helpful to have in your plaiting kit.

Nathalie Horse Care Strong Hold Plaiting Spray

RRP £11.40 This water-based spray helps hold and set plaits in place. The Strong Hold Spray gives an extra shine to your horse’s mane keeping any stray hairs in place, without being sticky. It’s easy to brush out once you’ve taken out your plaits.

Supreme Products Perfect Plaits Holding Wax

RRP £10.80

This easy-to-use plaiting wax smooths and straights flyaway hair and will help to keep your horse’s plaits securely in place. It also promotes hair growth, as well as maintaining healthy skin and hair.

Smart Grooming Plaiting Thread Set


This complete kit contains all you need to create perfect plaits. The set includes: flat waxed thread, a pack of six blunt plaiting needles, plaiting gel, plaiting wax stick, Perfect Plaits finishing spray and a quick unpick to remove your plaits without damaging your horse’s mane.

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Braideez Braiding Wire

RRP £10 for 25 wires (standard length)

Colours: Black, brown, white

A brilliant innovation that makes plaiting your horse’s mane so easy compared to traditional elastic bands and thread.

Made from plastic-coated copper wire, these are re-useable and help to hold your plaits neatly and securely in place.

Incorporate the wire in the plait and you’ll find it holds the plait together and enables you to shape it too. Pull the Braideez out when you’re finished — it doesn’t damage your horse’s mane.

Top Zop Plaiting Comb

RRP £13.50

Colours: Grey, blue, purple

This clever gadget makes plaiting easy. It features a clip that helps to keep your horse’s mane under control so you can concentrate on making your plaits neat.

The comb is great to use to measure each section of mane to get equal size plaits. There’s even a rubber band holder on the end of the comb handle so your hands are free to create the perfect plaits.

Showmaster Pearl Curlies

RRP £5.69 (for 12)

Turn your ordinary plaits into something stylish and eye-catching. Simply twist the Pearl Curlies into the mane and add the pearls for beautiful highlights.

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