The July issue of Your Horse is on sale today and it’s a bumper 26-page guide to bitting! Learn about the different bit groups, uncover what happens during a bitting consultation, discover how to check your bit is working well for your horse and find out if a strong horse really does need a strong bit.

This month’s issue is still packed full of our usual expert advice, training and horse care tips. Learn how to nail your dressage warm-up, build your confidence with gridwork, discover cooperative care, and improve your seat with some off-horse exercises – but there’s more…

Find out what’s inside…

Inside our Bitting Special…

  • A-Z guide to bits: From snaffles and curbs to gags and double bridles
  • How an expert bit consultation can help your horse
  • Checking your horse’s bit works well for him
  • Your horse’s mouth conformation and how it affects his bitting needs
  • Bitting materials – all the options
  • How to approach bitting a strong horse
  • All you need to know about the hyoid

Other features you’ll enjoy…

  • Your Horse meets British Eventing’s CEO Helen West
  • #Hack1000Miles: What to expect when riding through the menopause
  • Becoming a brand ambassador – is it right for you?
  • Work/ Horse Balance: Time Line Therapy NLP master coach Tracey Cole
  • Take 5 with Bake Off semi-finalist Rosie Brandreth-Poynter

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • The power of gridwork for building your confidence
  • Fix It: Improve your dressage warm-up
  •  Physio and breathing exercises to improve your seat
  •  How any horse type or breed can be a dressage superstar

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • What is cooperative care
  • Vet Notes: All about the hock
  • #FitNotFat: Balancing your horse’s energy inputs and outputs
  • When to worry about bone chips
  • How three veterans bounced back from illness

In Ask The Experts…

  •  Showjumping with England Home Pony Chef d’equips Mia Palles-Clark: Developing a warm-up plan; keeping calm and collected; collecting ring rules
  • Feeding advice with Allen & Page nutritionist Jo Palmer: When to supplement with electrolytes; encouraging drinking while out and about; feeding before a show
  • Roadside assistance with Equine Rescue Service’s Chris Facer: What to do in an emergency; choosing breakdown cover; cover for your car while towing
  • Vet care with RCVS recognised advanced practitioner Alistair Love: Cold hosing to reduce inflammation; tips to help keep your veteran supple; managing flare-ups of previous tendon injuries

In Your Horse’s Gear…

  • Best new products available now, from solariums to stirrups
  • Big Test: Fly rugs
  • On Trend: Back protection with half pads
  • Buyer’s Guide to fly repellents

Where to buy it…