If you regularly uses studs to provide your horse will a little more grip you’ll know how time-consuming and often frustrating the process of using them can be.

To help make the whole process stress-free there’s a new stud on the block. Easy Stud is a revolutionary patented thread that goes in straight every time and is impossible to cross-thread.

This gets around the continual problem of getting frustrated when you’re trying to put studs in ready for a competition.
The Easy Stud has a bigger, blunter thread which automatically lines itself up straight every time. It cannot cut a new track and will always follow the thread put in by your farrier – making them impossible to cross-thread!

The starter kit contains everything that you need including 16 studs including keeper studs, a tap and spanner, plus two farrier taps – he’ll need this to thread the hole in your horse’s shoes.

RRP £60*
To buy visit www.easystud.co.uk

*price correct at time of publishing

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