If your horse can be a little reluctant to be caught turning him out in a head collar can make this daily task a little easier. However, turning him out in a head collar isn’t ideal as you may be worried about him getting caught on fencing.

You can worry no more, thanks to the new Hy Fieldsafe head collar. This head collar features quick release touch tape on the head piece and nose band. There’s also another break point around the throat lash so the head collar is able to break when pressure is applied to three separate areas releasing your horse if he gets caught up. A trigger hook at the throat can be fastened to either a brass ring (for when you are leading your horse), or a plastic ring attached with touch tape (for when your horse is out in the field). To ensure your horse is comfortable the nose and head piece is cushioned.

The Hy Fieldsafe head collar has an RRP of £19.90

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