This unique flooring system has been developed to enhance your horse’s health. Haygain, well known for its range of hay steamers, has branched out and launched Comfortstall.

It’s orthopedic, Sealed Flooring System was co-developed with Cornell University Veterinary Hospital and combines three key vet-recommneded components that will benefit both you and your horse.

ComfortStall is designed to keep you horse happy and comfortable in his stable

1. Orthopaedic precision foam forms the heart of Comfortstall. It provides a cushioned and shock-absorbing core to suppor your horse’s joints, tendons and ligaments, resulting in less fatigue for your horse. It alos offers thermal insualtion for warmth, keeping damp to a minimum and providing plenty of give when your horse lies down.

2. The IronClad TopCover provides a stable and durable top layer for yor horse to stand on. This sealed impermeable one-piece top layer prevents the build-up of urea, bacteria and harmful ammonia, meaning better air quality and respiratory health for your horse.

3. HDPE anchor strips complete an impermeable seal that keeps your stable clean and prevents a build-up of ammonia and harmful bacteria.

Several layers make up the ComfortStall system

Using ComfortStall can help you to reduce the amount of bedding your use and make mucking out quicker and easier. Less bedding will help you save money, and the team at Haygain claim you should see a return on your investment in less than a year.

RRP £1,900 for a 12ft x 12ft stable including delivery*
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*price correct at time of publishing

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