Step into any tack shop and you’ll find a huge selection of matching accessories for your horse in a vast array of gorgeous colours.

From saddlecloths to ear covers and bandages to boots, the choice is endless.

If you’d like to inject a little more colour into your horse’s wardrobe, but aren’t sure which shades would best suit his coat colour, read on.

You can use the principles of the colour wheel as a basis to finding the ideal shades to match your horse, but don’t be afraid to take a few risks – sometimes the more bizarre colour pairings can make for a surprisingly perfect combo.

What suits his coat colour?

BAY – Bay horses look amazing in shades of brown, copper and taupe, especially if the saddlepad has a glossy or sheeny finish.

DARK BAY/BLACK – Dark bay and black horses look great in white, cream and pale pastel shades.

GREY – With grey horses pretty much anything goes, although steer clear of taupe and beiges on a white-grey as it can make them look mucky if they’re not completely spotless.

CHESTNUT – Chestnuts can pull of almost any colour. Dark green looks superb. Some people have strong opinions about pink on an orange coat, but if it’s a bright, jewel-like pink, that pop of colour looks great. Pale pinks don’t look as smart, so avoid those.

PALOMINO – Palomino horses look fantastic in shades of blue, teal and aqua. You can even try shades of richer colours, such as purple, if your horse has a deep richness to his coat.

Keep it simple
A dark coat suits lighter colours and a light-coloured coat suits darker colours.