Your Horse associate editor Allison Lowther has been using the Collegiate ComFiTec Training Bridle for approximately six weeks.

The first thing that struck me when I took the ComFitTec Training bridle out of it’s packaging is how soft the leather is. It’s beautifully made and you can clearly see there are a number features which will enhance the comfort for your horse.

The shaped headpiece fits perfectly around your horses ears and there’s additional padding over the poll area too.

The sliding noseband ensures your can fit and position it just where you want, so it will fit a wide variety of horses.

I lunged my horse, Wish in the bridle first so I could see from the ground her reaction to it and whether I could see an improvement in her way of going and focus. I have to say I was impressed, she seemed to stretch more willingly in her warm up and she seemed to be more forward too.

The following day I schooled her and Wish felt softer in the contact and just more relaxed than usual.

So far, so good. The next outing was a dressage lesson. I was keen to see what my trainer thought and whether he’d notice the differences I’d been feeling in Wish’s way of going. The lesson went well and my trainer could see an improvement too. Wish seemed happier and more willing and the contact felt more consistent too.

I’m really impressed with the results of using this bridle and it looks good too, but above all, Wish seems happier and comfortable wearing this bridle. It won’t break the bank either, the RRP is £99.99.

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