The best way to cope with whatever the winter throws at you when riding your horse is to invest in the right gear to keep you warm and dry.

Layering up can help you stay comfortable, cosy and dry.

Also, using a layering system means you can remove layers as we move from winter into spring making the clothing you have much more versatile.

Base layer

A base layer, like the Juliet top from Mountain Horse will help to keep you warm

This first layer needs to be close fitting and comfortable without being restrictive.

Its job is to trap warm air close to your body, so it needs to be breathable to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Thanks to the use of modern materials and designs many base layers can be worn on their own on warm days.

You can chose from synthetic material, or natural fabrics such as merino wool or bamboo are popular choices.

It’s best to avoid cotton as it soaks up moisture and draws heat away from you body, leaving you cold.

Middle layer

This next layer also provides warmth and insulation.

It should be lightweight and breathable too.

You have several different choices what you can wear as the middle layer.

The Caldene Casares softshell jacket is the perfect middle layer

Fleeces are a popular choice, or you could go for a down or synthetic filled waistcoat or jacket.

Whichever you choose, make sure it fits you well and doesn’t restrict your movement whether you’re mucking out or riding.

The beauty of this layer is that you’ll be able to wear it in warmer weather too.

Outer layer

This final layer protects you from the wind and rain.

Choose a good quality jacket that’s waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Like all of the layers make sure you can fit it over all your other layers comfortably.

When you try the jacket on try and wear the layers so you can move about and check it doesn’t restrict your movement.

Also, look for practical features such as a removable hood, riding vents .

Apply the same layering system to your bottom half too and you’ll be ready to face the elements all winter long.

A base layer will keep your legs warm, followed by a middle layer – we’d recommend a pair of winter breeches. Complete your outfit with a pair of waterproof over trousers.

A waterproof outer layer such as the Musto Warm Up jacket completes your winter riding outfit