With a huge choice of rugs available it can be pretty daunting choosing the right one for your horse.

If you’re struggling to know which rug to spend your hard earned cash on follow our useful guide.

The first thing to consider is your horse’s routine to establish what type of turnout or stable rugs your horse is going to need for winter.

If your horse lives in a lot over the winter you’ll probably only need to buy a lightweight and medium weight stable rugs to see you through the months he’s in.

If he’s turned out for part of the day, or for 24 hours a day you’ll need to invest in a several turnout rugs to use.

Most horses even with a basic clip, such as a trace or blanket clip will be more than warm enough in a medium weight turnout rug with a neck.

Next, take a look at your horse’s shape – if he has a deep girth, or is round, he’ll need a rug that’s extra deep to cover his body well.

If he’s more of a lightweight type, a deep cut rug may drown him.

If you clip your horse, you’ll need to compensate for the hair you’ve taken off.

It’s also worth considering your horse’s breed – for example, a thoroughbred may feel the cold more than a native type, who’s evolved to live out in all weathers.

This is where you’ll need to decide what weight of rug is going to work best for your and your horse.

The amount of turnout time and your horse’s shape will all influence which rug will suit your horse best

You’ll also need to consider how hard your horse is on his rugs, or how boisterous his field mates are.

If he’s likely to give his rugs a hard time, choose one with a higher denier outer material and secure fastenings so he’s less likely to damage it.

After you’ve worked your way through our checklist you should have a clearer idea of what winter horse rug will be suitable for your horse.