16 June 2021

Absorbency is most important factor considered when choosing bedding for a horse, study finds

Absorbency is most important factor considered when choosing bedding for a horse, study finds

A survey carried out by Nedz has found that absorbency tops the list of most important factors that horse owners consider when choosing their horse’s bedding.

Of nearly 300 people surveyed, 46% of people said this was their main concern over other factors like ease of mucking out, price point and where their bedding was supplied.

More than 70% of owners said they considered how environmentally friendly their bedding is, including the carbon footprint of their chosen brand, while 93% stated that they look for a product which is biodegradable. More than half of survey respondents said its biodegradability effected whether they bought a bedding or not.

Recyclable packaging was also a consideration for those surveyed, with only 29% saying it wasn’t an important factor to them.

“With sustainability becoming more and more important in our everyday lives it is clear that horse owners are considering the impact their choices have on the environment as well,” said a statement.

“Bedding absorbency is of key importance to your horse’s welfare as wet bedding can lead to problems with hooves, for example thrush and respiratory issues through damp and mouldy spores.

“Wet or dirty equines was also the main reason horse owners decided to swap their bedding to something new, as they were looking for a better, drier option.”

Chopped straw bedding ranked as being the most hygienic bedding, while shavings came out on top as the most comfortable just ahead of straw.

Rubber matting

Nearly 90% of those surveyed use rubber matting in their stables with 83% of people asked keen to buy British-only products.

Some 73% of horse owners surveyed said they did not like their bedding to be scented, shying away from products which had an overwhelming odour or added smell like lavender or eucalyptus.

The survey was undertaken by Nedz to find out what horse owners’ views are around equine bedding and what is currently important to them, as well as insight into their buying habits.

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