Sarah manages a small team to ensure high standards of food

Sarah Chambers is a quality assurance supervisor for GS Fresh. She owns a cob mare called Whizz.

“I work for a family business called GS Fresh. We supply all major retailers and businesses with fresh salad produce.

I’m a quality assurance supervisor working at the GS Fresh beetroot production site. We produce ready-to-eat beetroot products.

My job focuses on product quality. I manage a small team focused on ensuring safe and good-to-eat product reaches stores everyday.

I’ve worked for GS for four years. I previously worked in the equine industry for 15 years.

Hacking Whizz is Sarah’s happy time

Staff safety is vital within our workplace and a large part of my role is supporting my team through challenges faced due to all the changes necessary to be Covid-19 safe. I also have to work from home periodically to keep on-site staff to a minimum.

‘I feel much more isolated’

Being away from family has been the hardest thing to deal with. At the time of writing, I haven’t seen my sister or nephew in over a year and I really miss them. Not being able to hug friends or family for such a long time is difficult. I can’t wait to be able to do these kind of things again

I have struggled with my mental health during the pandemic. I started a part time degree in food science and having to do it all through remote learning has been a challenge. I find myself staring at a computer day after day, instead of going on to campus to meet peers and staff. Some days I just can’t absorb the information. I feel much more isolated and it’s been very hard. My anxiety has spiralled.

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My mum and her partner had coronavirus but they both recovered well. I’m high risk due to a health condition so I try to be cautious, avoiding shops etc as much as I can.

‘I’m thankful for Whizz’

I own a  nine-year-old cob called Whizz. I’ve had her for four years and we enjoy hacking, pleasure rides and jumping the occasional log.

Whizz has been the little bit of normal that I have been able to enjoy throughout the pandemic.

During each lockdown I have still been able to see Whizz every day and ride. When things get hard with work and studying, I know that I can tack Whizz up and forget all about it for a couple of hours.

I am thankful that Whizz has seen me through this pandemic.”

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