Scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it doesn’t take long to find snaps of well-known riders wandering around in their envy-inducing Fairfax & Favour boots or hacking out in a new Albion saddle.

It might seem that they’re the owner of a bottomless wallet, but often the products you see equestrians wearing are part of a deal with their sponsors. There are so many social media platforms, and companies are increasingly reliant on real-life riders to market their brands.

It’s not just top riders that are getting in on the action. More and more companies are looking for keen grassroots riders to show-off their product and brand.

What it takes to be a brand ambassador

1. Be an enthusiastic equestrian

Whether you’re a keen competition rider, involved in your local riding club or have a horsey job, you should have a passion for horses.

2. Have a love for the products

There’s no point in supporting a company if you don’t like or use their products, so look for opportunities to work with companies you already have experience with and are passionate about their products.

3. Be active on social media

You don’t need to have a huge following, but you need to be consistently active and have a good engagement rate. Some companies will want you to have a certain number of followers or reach, and will request a certain number of posts featuring their products.

How to secure sponsorship

1. Approach a brand you love

Remember you’ll be recommending these products – can you honestly endorse them?

2, Come across well

Be polite, introduce yourself and outline what you can bring to the table.

3. Be social media savvy

Build up your following online and regularly post good-quality equestrian content online.

4. Be proactive

Show the company you’re committed to them by promoting them on a regular basis.

5. Stay true to yourself

Do you juggle horses with full-time work or being a mum? Tell your sponsors. It can make you more relatable to their customers.

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