Make your horse suit the distance – John Thelwall

Such a handy little book which will give you lots of inspiration and encourage you to try different exercises with your horse.

If you don’t leave the ground intentionally, don’t be put off by the title. Whether you jump on a regular basis or prefer to do polework this book has loads to offer.

John Thelwall – who used to compete at the highest level in eventing and now trains riders of all levels – has put together this great training book that will improve your horse’s way of going.

Having used many of these exercises with my own horses and suggested them to friends to try too – it’s made schooling sessions more focused, sucessful and above fun.

Each of the exercises are explained in an easy to understand format and backed up perfectly with clear diagrams so you can set it up and ride it correctly.

RRP £14.99*

Give your flatwork a lift – John Thelwall

This book is in the same format as the one above and aimed at working your horse’s flatwork – each of John’s suggested exercises are easy to follow whatever your level.

There’s a common theme that runs throughout the book and that’s to improve your horse’s engagement so he can lift his forehand and have the ability to go in self-carriage – just what we’re all trying to achieve.

There’s lots for you to try and learn – many of the exercises that you may not have tried before. The tone the book is written in will give you the confidence to have a go and push you and your horse out of your comfort zone.

RRP £14.99*

Both these books come highly recommended and are a must for every tackroom.

Whichever one you pick up you’ll find that your schooling sessions will be more focused and fun.
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*price correct at time of publishing

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