Stay safe and keep cool on those long rides on warm days with a ventilated riding hat.

Uvex Exxential II

RRP from £93.50

Colours: Black matte, blue matte, anthracite matte, sand matte, mocca

Sizes: 52-55cm, 55-57cm, 57-59cm, 59-61cm

Safety standards: BSI Kitmarked to VG1

The Uvex Exxential II is a featherweight, ventilated riding helmet that will help to keep the wearer cool while offering a high level of protection. It has an extended rear section that covers the back of the head and features a ponytail cut-out, removable washable liners and a 3D IAS size adjustment system that will give a perfect fit on virtually any head shape.

Charles Owen 4Star

RRP from £230

Colours: Black, silver, navy

Sizes: 54-62cm

Safety standards: ASTM F1163-15, PASO 15:2011, SNELL E2016, VG1 01.040 2014-12

The 4Star cross-country skull incorporates the latest technology with a fibre-reinforced shell for improved crush resistance. It features the patented GRpx harness system for stability. This helmet also boasts the innovative Charles Owen ‘Free Fit’ ventilation system that allows for increased airflow across the forehead. It combines a frontal air channel with Coolmax mesh to increase the cooling and evaporation of sweat. The 10 ventilation slots and the option to have a heat-reflective silver finish also ensure that the wearer stays cool.

Karben Daniella Riding Hat

RRP from £99.99

Colours: Black, navy

Sizes: 53-55cm, 56-58cm, 59-61cm

Safety standards: PAS 015:2011 and BSI Kitemark

The low profile Daniella adds a touch of luxury to any rider’s look with a mock croc embossed centre section and peak that is perfectly set off by a high-shine frame. The hat is lightweight and features a micro-adjustable dial system for a bespoke fit, plus front and rear air vents, a 3D mesh liner and CoolDry headband to help the wearer stay cool.

Scharf Custom Riding Hat

RRP from £156

Colours: Navy, brown, black as standard

Sizes: 48-52cm, 53-57cm, 58-62cm

Safety standards: VG01.40 2014-12 and ASTM F1162-15 with SEI mark

The smart Scharf riding hat from The Centre Line is lightweight and boasts good airflow and breathability. It is easy to adjust, ensuring a great fit, while the option of customising the colour means that there are endless opportunities to pair it with a competition jacket. Whether you choose you own colour combinations, opt for Swarovski crystals, or even include your own logo on the hat, The Centre Line can help to create the perfect match to suit any rider’s unique style.

Champion Revolve Vent-Air MIPS Jockey Helmet

RRP £230

Colour: Black

Sizes: 51-55cm, 56-63cm

Safety standards: British PAS 015:2011, VG1 01.040 2014-12, ASTM F1163-15

A jockey helmet that is highly ventilated as well as being lightweight, this hat from Champion features removable crown comfort padding in hi-tech microfibre with mesh panels. The four-point padded soft leather harness has rear lacing adjustment and is lined with brush nylon for ear comfort. Liners are removable and replacement liners are available.

Gatehouse HS1-V Jockey Skull

RRP £230

Colours: Anthracite grey, matte black

Sizes: 52-62cm

Safety standards: SNELL E2016, certified by BSI and CE and UKCA marked

The new vented HS1-V offers the same high level of safety as the HS1, but with added vents for air circulation and cool comfort. This jockey skull features a padded harness with Aegis anti-bacterial lining. Suitable for all competition disciplines, the HS1-V is the ideal helmet for cross-country riding. The gritty outer finish helps to keep hat silks in place, while the Jockey Skull comes with a padded bag to protect it during travel and storage.

Uvex Suxxeed Luxury

RRP from 449.95€

Colours: Navy

Sizes: 54-55cm, 55-56cm, 57-59cm

Safety standards: BSI kite mark, VG1 standard,

A mix of classic and modern design features will make you stand out in the crowd. This luxury edition has leather detailing, subtly matching Swarovski crystals and Alcantara for a chic luxurious look.

This hat carries the BSI kitemark VG1 standard and you can pick from black, blue or brown.

Champion Air-Tech Deluxe

RRP from £129

Colours: Black silk, black metallic, navy metallic, oyster metallic, ruby metallic

Sizes: 52-54cm, 55-57cm, 58-61cm

Safety standards: British PAS 015 2011, VG1 01.040 2014-12, ASTM F1163-15, British kitemarked to PAS 015 2011

The sleek outer shell give this hat a truly modern look. It’s highly ventilated with triple mesh venting for superior airflow and the removable, washable head lining is made from high-tech moisture wicking material for your comfort. A four point fully adjustable synthetic leather harness holds the hat securely in place. It’s also fully adjustable with a dial adjust system for a close contact fit.

Gatehouse Conquest MKII

RRP £147.99

Colours: Rose gold/ navy

Sizes: 54-59cm

Safety standards: PAS 015 2011, VG01, kitemarked to PAS 015 2011 

This stylish and lightweight riding helmet is suitable for both everyday wear and competition. The Conquest MKII is well ventilated and has a removable, washable lining for complete comfort and hygiene.

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