Comfortable and practical leg-wear is essential for all riders and horse owners, whether you’re busy working on the yard or riding. Modern-day riding tights are now a popular alternative to traditional jodhpurs. They offer a lightweight alternative to breeches and they transfer seamlessly from the yard to your Pilates class or the gym.

Most equestrian brands now have riding tights in their range and our testers have been using and assessing a selection of different pairs for four months. Each pair has been used for riding and yard work and assessed for comfort, performance and value for money. Discover which pairs were popular with our testers and are recommended for you.

How we score

Each pair of riding tights is given a mark out of five for fit, performance and value for money. This gives an overall score out of 15.

1. Aztec Diamond Icon Riding Leggings

RRP £50

Colours: Black, maroon, charcoal, navy, grey, chocolate, metal, burgundy, khaki, taupe, beige

Sizes: XS-XL

Fit: These are an excellent fit and so flattering thanks to the ribbed side panel. There’s an internal silicone non-slip waistband which holds these leggings in place, so no having to constantly pull them up. The high-waisted design is comfortable and the leg length is good. 5 stars

Performance: Great to wear and comfortable all day long. I also like that they are made from recycled fabric. It’s the extra little touches that I like about these leggings — silicone grip inside the pocket to prevent your phone slipping out, for example.

The material stretches and moves with your body and I found that it hides some of my lumps and bumps. The silicone knee grips provide more security in the saddle. These riding tights also wash well and dry quickly. 5 stars

Value for money: Great value — you won’t be disappointed. 5 stars

Total: 15

2. Dublin Power Performance Mid-rise Colour Block Tights

RRP £42.99

Colours: Coral, aqua, blue

Sizes: 26in-36in

Fit: Sporty looking riding tights that are a great fit. The material is a little thicker than others in the test but it still stretches and moves with you for yard work and riding.

Their deep waistband makes these riding tights a good fit and gives a flattering finish. 4.5 stars

Performance: Comfortable for yard work and riding and the full seat is a good addition. They look good and the colour block panels add a nice flash of colour.

These riding tights are easy to wash and they dry quickly. There are several handy pockets including one at the back of the waistband which has a zip too. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Excellent value — you won’t go wrong with these. 5 stars

Total: 14

3. Foxy Equestrian Foxy Riding Tights

RRP £55

Colours: Navy, black, charcoal

Sizes: XXS-XL

Fit: These are a great fit and the material is so soft but still with enough stretch to make them flattering to wear. The deep waistband is a great feature; it’s comfortable and helps hold the tights in place — there’s no pulling them up all the time. 5 stars

Performance: These riding tights are extremely comfortable to wear — they move with you whether you’re riding or doing yard work. The silicone full seat is very sticky — in fact, almost too much; I like to be able to move a little in the saddle if I need to. The material is a good thickness and surprisingly warm but without being too hot. 4 stars

Value for money: These are fair value, comfortable and they look great. 5 stars

Total: 14

4. Dakota Mesh Riding Leggings

RRP £55

Colours: Grey, blue/silver, black/silver, black/rose gold, navy/rose gold

Sizes: XS-XL

Fit: These leggings are a good fit and the material has a good amount of stretch to it. The high-waist design is comfortable and the leg length is good too. 4 stars

Performance: Comfortable and flattering to wear. The mesh insets on the lower leg are a nice addition, keeping you a little cooler on warm days. The full silicone grip gives good security in the saddle — so much so you can hear it peeling off the saddle when you’re trotting. These riding tights wash well and dry quickly. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Good value — they are practical and look great too. 4.5 stars

Total: 13

5. Mochara Limited Edition Leggings

RRP £55

Colour: Black

Sizes: XXS-XXL

Fit: The soft and stretchy material of these riding tights provides a great fit and feels supportive. The waistband is deep and comfortable. They don’t sit quite as high up on the waist as some of the other leggings tested, but I didn’t have to keep pulling them up. 4 stars

Performance: Lightweight and really comfortable to wear — they fit like a second skin and are flattering. I like the subtle black leopard print and the diamanté logo on the back of the waistband. There’s no grip seat and I did find them a little slippery to ride in, especially on days when my horse was feeling a bit fresh. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Good value and they are comfortable to wear. 4.5 stars

Total: 13

6. Equetech Signature Luxe Riding Tights

RRP £59.95

Colours: Black, lavender

Sizes: XS-XXXL

Fit: These riding tights are a good fit. They are made from a slightly different material to the others in this test — more like cotton. The waistband is a good depth and has a decent amount of stretch to it, making them easy to pull on and take off. 4.5 stars

Performance: These are comfortable to wear; the fabric hugs you, but in a nice, supportive way and without showing any extra lumps and bumps. The silicone grip seat doesn’t extend that far down your legs but gives you that added feeling of security in the saddle. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Good value for quality riding tights. 4 stars

Total: 13

7. Mountain Horse Flora Tech Tights

RRP £69

Colours: Black, grey, melange, dark navy, anthracite grey, burgundy melange

Sizes: 34-46

Fit: These tights fit well but I didn’t find them particularly flattering and felt that they showed all my lumps and bumps. They are easy to pull on and off, but I did find that they needed pulling up frequently while I was wearing them. 3.5 stars

Performance: These tights are comfortable to wear and the full silicone seat gives you a nice amount of security in the saddle. The material has a good amount of stretch, allowing you to move without restriction. They wash well and dry really quickly, which is a bonus. 5 stars

Value for money: These are at the more expensive end of those tested, but they are well made. My advice is to be sure the cut suits your body shape before you buy. 4 stars

Total: 12.5

8. Covalliero Riding Tights

RRP £71.50

Colours: Navy, light grey, sand, avocado

Sizes: 32-46

Fit: These lightweight tights are a good fit. The deep waistband is comfortable but not as stretchy as the rest of the tights, making them harder to pull up and down. 4 stars

Performance: The material is a bit thinner and therefore not as warm as others tested, but fine for riding in warmer weather. The full grip seat offers good security and the tights are comfortable to ride in. They wash well and take no time to dry. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Pricey, but they are smart. 4 stars

Total: 12.5

9. Equilibre Grip Knee-patch Riding Leggings Dana

RRP £35.90

Colours: Black, navy

Sizes: 6-18

Fit: These are a good fit, as the material is nice and stretchy. They have a generous waistband but this doesn’t have much stretch, making them a bit harder to pull on and get over my hips. 4 stars

Performance: These leggings are comfortable to wear and they wash well. However, the silicone knee patches are subtle and don’t provide much additional grip. These leggings are nicely shaped but they aren’t as flattering as some of the other tights in this test — I felt that they showed off my tummy and thighs a bit too much. 4 stars

Value for money: Great value for everyday wear. 4 stars

Total: 12

10. Hy Equestrian Synergy Riding Tights

RRP £44.99

Colours: Navy, black

Sizes: XS-XL

Fit: Smart and practical riding tights that fit well but the cut doesn’t suit me. They are more of a low-rise and quite short from waist to crotch, which is a shame as they fit me nicely in the leg. 4 stars

Performance: These are made from a lovely soft material that isn’t restrictive. The subtle three-quarter silicone seat provides a nice amount of grip when riding. As mentioned above, I didn’t find these as comfortable to wear as others in the test. 4 stars

Value for money: Good value, but check the cut suits your shape. 4 stars

Total: 12

11. Coldstream Kelso Riding Skins

RRP £99.99

Colours: Beige, black, white, Windsor wine

Sizes: 24in-34in

Fit: The overall fit of these riding skins is great but the waistband doesn’t have much stretch so I struggle to get them over my hips. Once on, the fit at the waist is good and I didn’t feel that they were restricting my movement. The deep waistband is comfortable and supportive. 4 stars

Performance: The material makes these riding skins feel more like a pair of breeches compared to the other riding tights in this test. However, they are very comfortable to ride in and look very smart. Although the fabric is thicker I don’t find I get too warm, which is another plus point. They wash well and dry quickly. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Pricey compared to the others in this test and worth checking the sizing suits you. 3.5 stars

Total: 12

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