Ditch those cold, wet feet by investing in a new pair of long winter boots. Designed to cope with rural life, here is our essential guide to picking the right pair for your needs.

Long winter boots are a yard essential for any horse owner. Such boots are worn day-in, day-out while splashing through mud and water, and they are also subjected to the rigours of mucking out. Over time, they feel like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers. Even when they grow old and holey we still carry on wearing them, believing that there is life left in them yet.

When you do eventually grow tired of being subjected to cold and slightly soggy socks, it is time to invest in a new pair, but what factors should you consider before buying? The growing selection of long boots on the market offers an intriguing blend of design innovation and technology — plus such boots come in many different guises.

In this buyer’s guide we highlight the points you need to consider when you’re on the hunt for a new pair of long yard boots, plus we’ve picked six of our favourite boots to suit all budgets.

What to look for

Outer material

To decide which material your next pair of boots are made from, you need to ask yourself how much use they are going to get. Are they going to be your daily must-haves and subjected to endless punishment, or will you just dust them off occasionally when needs must? Some materials need more care than others, which is another consideration if you want the boots to do a good job.

Sole design

You want your boots to give you a secure footing and traction on any surface. A wide tread is advantageous in soft, muddy conditions, while a narrow tread offers better grip on hard surfaces. If you can find a boot that combines both you will be good to go on all terrains.

Comfort and support

As well as grip, the sole can offer comfort and support. A reinforced sole that doesn’t over-flex can greatly reduce fatigue and provide extra arch support while also acting as a shock absorber — just what you need when you’re wearing boots all day.


Choosing the right lining will help to keep your feet warm and comfortable for long periods of time. There are a number of different options available, but opt for something that is breathable as well as warm so that you don’t end up with sweaty feet.

Fantastic fit

As with any item of footwear, a good fit is crucial. Ideally, you will need a snug fit around your foot and calf for maximum comfort and ease of movement. If your boots are too tight they may be uncomfortable and rub — this can also be the case if they are too big. It is also worth bearing in mind that you may want to wear thicker socks in really cold weather.

Shop for winter boots

HY Equestrian Mont Maudit Winter Boots

HY Equestrian Mont Maudit Winter Boots

RRP £59.49

Colour: Black/ grey

Sizes: 36 – 41


These winter boots have a waterproof foot to keep your feet dry, plus a soft, breathable lining to keep feet feeling fresh and warm. They also boast grey panels and black leather detailing up the leg for a fashionable finish, and an inner panel for added grip if worn for riding. The elasticated lace fronts allow for full adjustability for a variety of calf sizes, with a rear zip for ease of putting on. They are finished with a robust and durable grip sole for use on any terrain.

Moretta Amelda Country Boots

Moretta Amelda Country Boots

RRP £99

Colour: Brown

Sizes: 4 – 9 in regular or wide


These tall ankle boots will tackle any ground conditions thanks to their Moretta AllTerrain soles and waterproofing. These country-ready Amelda boots are kitted out with waterproof membranes to protect your feet from the wet, and thermal fleece linings to keep you warm and wick away moisture. Made from crazy cow waxed leather, the boots also feature side zips with tassel pulls, ActiveFlex insoles with Impact Support System and steel shanks.

Cavallo Ballygar Boots

Cavallo Ballygar Boots

RRP £299

Colours: Mocca, schwarz

Sizes: 37 – 42


An attractive pair of pull-on boots which boast a sheepskin lining, a waterproof leather foot and a wool felt leg. The anti-slip sole offers grip over varying terrain to make your active, outdoor life even better.

Grubs Frostline 5.0 Range

Grubs Frostline 5.0 Range

RRP £94.95

Colours: Black, moss green, violet, berry, tawny red, bellweather blue

Sizes: 3 – 13


The Frostline 5.0 is insulated and waterproof, with great grip for all-day comfort. The Superdri lining is hard-wearing and wicks away moisture to prevent sweaty, uncomfortable feet. Hexzorb technology in the heel absorbs shock to provide day-long comfort. A Trax outer sole offers grip on a variety of surfaces, with the tread designed to work with the action of the foot.

Dublin Eskimo Boots II

Dublin Eskimo Boots II

RRP £115.49

Colour: Dark brown

Sizes: 3 – 9 in regular or wide 


These breathable boots are designed for all-day comfort and boast a waterproof lining to keep your feet dry, plus a synthetic fleece lining for warmth. They also feature a moisture-wicking RCS footbed system for comfort and breathability, plus heel and arch support and a double cushioning layer. They are made with a durable and lightweight Tough Tec rubber outer sole and an adjustable top lace for the perfect fit.

Mark Todd Fleece Lined Tall Winter Boots

Mark Todd Fleece Lined Tall Winter Boots

RRP £109.98

Colours: Black, brown

Sizes: 37 – 45 in standard/ standard or standard/ wide


A fleece-lined riding boot with a nubuck leather upper, sturdy rubber grip sole and a full-length back zip fastening with tab. These boots feature an elasticated panel for added comfort, spur rests and leather zip pull. They look smart and will keep your feet warm through the colder months.

HKM Kodiak Fleece Lined Yard Boots

HKM Kodiak Fleece Lined Yard Boots

RRP £52

Colour: Black

Sizes: 3 – 8


If you’re dreaming of a new pair of fleece-lined boots then look no further. The HKM Kodiak Fleece Lined Yard Boots are about as snug as you can get.

With a reinforced patch on the inside of the leg to prevent rubbing while you ride and reflective tabs for hacking, these multi-puprose boots are a great addition to your horsey wardrobe.

Ariat Womens Country Boots Coniston Chocolate Brown

Ariat Womens Country Boots Coniston Chocolate Brown

RRP £290

Colour: Chocolate

Sizes: 3 – 8.5


If you love lace-ups, you’ll love the Coniston Boots from Ariat.

Specially designed for those who always seem to have cold feet (despite multiple sock layers) the inside of the boot is insulated with a special membrane to keep your toes warm, whether you’re walking, riding or wading through the bog patch in your pony’s field.

Rhinegold Elite Brooklyn Leather Country Boots

Rhinegold Elite Brooklyn Leather Country Boots

RRP £84.95

Colour: Brown

Sizes: 3 – 8


Waxy leather, a suede cuff and drawstring detail make these boots the perfect addition to your shoe rack.

With a calf gusset to allow an individual fit, these durable and lightweight boots will help see you through the wetter seasons and into spring.

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