Even the best fitting rug can, over time, rub your horse’s shoulders. To prevent those unsightly bald patches you can use a shoulder saver. Here we show you five of the best to keep your horse’s coat in tip-top condition.

Snuggy Hoods Silky anti-rub bib

This bib can be used with any rug. The silky material and no seam design at the wither helps to prevent rubbing. It attaches securely to your turnout or stable rug via a loop at the chest of the rug.

Price £19 *
To order visit www.snuggyhoods.com

Masta Deluxe anti-rub vest

This vest is made from fully lined anti-rub satin with a fleece wither pad for additional wither pressure relief. Pass the vest over your horse’s head and slide into position. It has a loop at the front which attaches to the chest fastening of your rug.

Price £20 *
To find your nearest stockist visit www.masta.co.uk

Shires Equestrian anti-rub stretch vest

Quick and easy to fit this vest is a little different as it’s made from stretch fabric that creates a second skin around the shoulder area of your horse. It’s secured in place with an elasticated surcingle that fastens round you horse’s girth area.

Price £29.99 *

Felix Buhler satin shoulder guard

A deep cut satin shoulder guard which fastens to your horse’s rug via a loop that attaches to the breast fastenings. The lightweight material sits neatly under your horse’s rug and provides protection to his shoulders and withers.

Price £11.90 *
To order visit www.kramer.co.uk

Bossy’s Bibs ManeGuard

This final bib is a little different, it not only offers protection to your horse’s shoulders, it extends up his neck to smooth his mane too. The design of this bib is very effective at preventing mane loss that can be caused full neck stable and turnout rugs.

Price from £61 *
To buy visit www.bossysbibs.com

* Prices correct at time of publishing