All designed with your horse’s comfort in mind. Here’s four of the most innovative and modern girths available.

Stübben Equi-Soft girth

A modern-looking girth designed to follow the contours of your horse’s body to eliminate the problem of pinching.

The elastic rings in the middle of the girth distribute pressure evenly across your horse and allows him to expand and contract his ribcage without restriction.

The girth cover can be changed and is available in neoprene, lambskin or leather

Price £210*

Styles Dressage, GP


TSF Stretchtec Shoulder Relief girth

This short girth incorporates a central triangular elastic section that helps it to conform to your horse’s barrel and provides additional expansion for breathing.

Perfect for hard to fit horses and sensitive types needing maximum breathing room.

The anatomical cut helps position the saddle well back from the shoulders and ensures the girth doesn’t interfere with the elbows.

Price £158*


Amerigo Protector Dressage girth

The unusual shape of this girth has a number of benefits.

The large distributing pad is designed to spread pressure onto the sternum, rather than onto the more sensitive rib cage.

The unique contoured shape is designed to prevent elbow rubs – it’s made from soft calfskin leather and has elastic on each side for a closer fit.

Price £305*


Fairfax Performance girth

This girth was developed using pressure testing and gait analysis. It’s backed up by scientific evidence proving that it can apply less pressure than some other girths and improve your horse’s range of movement.

It’s lined with Prolite, a unique material that distributes pressure, absorbs impact and prevents rubbing.

It also has a Prolite cushioned zone which allows muscle to slide under the girth rather than blocking it, making it more comfortable for your horse.

Price £220 (short), £240 (long)*


*Prices correct at time of publishing